Quality Pasture by Allan Nation

Quality Pasture by Allan Nation



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Quality Pasture: How to create it, manage it, and profit from it by Allan Nation.

The late Allan Nation, former longtime editor of the Stockman GrassFarmer, was a a greatly respected writer, editor, farmer, and human being, and his books have stood the test of time. In Quality Pasture, he offers down-to-earth, low-cost tactics to create high-energy pasture that will reduce or eliminate expensive inputs or purchased feeds. This was the first book of its kind directed solely toward farmers who are beginning or practicing management intensive grazing with ruminant livestock.

Quality Pasture walks you through the production model that can help you plug your profit leaks, and provides examples of real people making real profits that show you that quality pasture is not only possible, but can be profitable as well.

Paperback. 284 pages. © 1995. Fourth reprint January 2004.