Land, Livestock & Life by Allan Nation

Land, Livestock & Life by Allan Nation



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Land, Livestock & Life: A grazier's guide to finance by Allan Nation.

Another classic by Allan Nation, former editor of The Stockman GrassFarmer, one of the first to point our the new rules of the Land and Livestock game for profit.

Since WW2, North American farmers and ranchers have become extremely successful at increasing the gross output of their land—yet virtually no one can pay for land despite its massive production.


The average buyer of farm and ranch land doesn't expect any financial return from it. Its entire value is tied up in aesthetics and lifestyle. Nation saw the new economy where an occasional glimpse of wildlife was more valuable than any amount of livestock-carrying capacity, and a pretty pasture was worth double that of cropped land. Unfortunately, most agriculturists were still carrying in their heads the old paradigm of paying for land from its production, which led to huge financial stress.

The rules of the game changed.

The new farming game is about gaining control of agricultural land rather than deeded ownership. Land, Livestock & Life shows how obtaining the grazing use of land is actually easier and cheaper than at any time since the frontier days.

The livestock business has also undergone a similar shift in thought. Today, the profit emphasis is on the management of grass and livestock more than the ownership of grass and livestock. Buying and selling livestock management services is the new profit paradigm in ranching.

Land, Livestock & Life shows how to first start a business using the rules of this new game, then you can choose to invest your after-tax surplus in deed farm and ranch real estate—or you can choose not to. Either way, your livestock management enterprise can thrive.

The ultimate pleasant life in the country is not just a life out on the farm, but a livelihood from the farm as well.

© 2007. Paperback. 212 pages.