Jaccard® Super 1 Meat Tenderizing Machine

Jaccard® Super 1 Meat Tenderizing Machine


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Ever wonder how restaurants manage to consistently offer tender steaks, when the ones you buy often seem to be tough?

We've learned the chefs' secret: the Jaccard® Super 1 Meat Tenderizing Machine, winner of the Chefs of America Gold Medal.

Because grass-fed meat is leaner than grain-fed, it requires special cooking considerations. For instance, you may want to lightly coat it with a little olive oil to prevent drying and sticking. Another technique is to use this meat tenderizing machine. It makes all cuts and grades of meat—including pork, lamb, veal, fish, venison, steaks and roasts—incredibly tender, speeds marination time, and substantially reduces cooking time—without chemicals. Its single row of 16 stainless steel blades penetrate the meat without leaving marks, cutting connective tissues.

Using the Jaccard saves energy, reduces the loss of natural juices, reduces shrinkage of the meat, and gives you more for your money with less expensive cuts.

The tenderizer should be cleaned after use, either by hand or in the upper rack of the dishwasher. With proper care, it should last for years.