Don't Over-Do It! Magnet

Don't Over-Do It! Magnet


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Don't Over-Cook Your Grassfed Meats!

Eatwild farmer, grass-fed cookbook author, and blogger Shannon Hayes has come up with her own kitchen magnet. It lists the ideal internal temperatures (Fahrenheit) for cooking "reliably-sourced grassfed and pastured meats."

Grass-fed meats contain less fat than grain-fed meats, so are usually cooked more slowly and at lower temperatures to prevent the meat from becoming dry. Hayes also recommends that—except for poultry and ground meats—you take them off the grill or out of the oven before they reach the standard temperatures recommended by the USDA.

This bright yellow US-made magnet lists both the suggested temperatures and the USDA recommended temperatures for beef and bison, ground meat, veal, lamb and goat, pork, and poultry. Make cooking easier. Keep this great reference tool handy in your kitchen!

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Size: 3" x 5"